Work done for the military

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Evidence Bags Brochure for OCC

Having been a key photographer for many years of Crime Scene Evidence Collection Kits for the SAPS Forensic Science Laboratory, we are excited to be able to work with OCC who manufacture the Evidence Sealing Bags provided to SAPS for collection of evidence.  We have just produced a Leaflet on the subject of the various Bags produced and posters and marketing material will be designed within the next few weeks. ALP has taken the product photographs and done the design artwork.

DE Forensic Training Material

The SAPS Forensic Science Laboratory receive a great amount of evidence that has been collected at a crime scene.  DE is an Evidence Collection Kit that is used to collect evidence from a crime scene.  ALP has photographed, designed and produced the training material on how to use this kit.  ALP is also working on the website which features the detailed training material showing how each kit is used.

ALP Video of the new Land Rogue

Another exciting shoot that ALP has worked on is this one for the Land Rogue.  The shoot was conducted over a number of days and both video and photography was done on this shoot.  Working with the client on this fascinating shoot has been exciting, as not many people ever get to work so close to such high tech military equipment.