Forensics Photography

Police investigators world wide make use of Evidence Collection Kits (bags or boxes) to collect evidence from crime scenes, victims and perpetrators during the investigative process. South Africa has a good reputation for having a very high standard of these Evidence Collection Kits, especially for collecting DNA evidence.

ALP is actively involved in the development, design and training in the use of these kits for Police Crime Scene Investigators and Medical Examiners.

Over the years ALP has produced the Kit Design, Evidence Collection Kit User Guides, Brochures, Posters, Videos and Training Material For:

  • Manta Forensic, Division of Litha Health Care – South Africa
  • South African Police Services, Forensic Biology Unit (Crime Lab)
  • South African Police Services, Crime Scene Management Services
  • South African Police Services, Bomb Squad
  • World Health Organization (Rape Kit for Africa)
  • Namibian Police Force – Forensic Unit
  • Botswana Police Force – Forensic Unit
  • Forensic Crime Lab – South Africa

NOTE: Images below are recreated crime scenes images and we make use of actors and models with movie blood.

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