At ALP Photography is our core business. With years of experience we offer a highly professional service, covering many photographic genres.  We like to place emphasis on PROFESSIONAL and our work is highly sought after and of a superior quality.


Architectural Photography is aimed at clients who require pictures of buildings that need to be geometrically accurate. Often used to represent tall or large building.

ALP has a very good understanding of this form of photography, with years of experience and has been shooting Architectural Photography for many years.

See examples of ALP Architecture



Food photography has its own intricacies to deal with and Alastair has been able to tap into his experience on such shoots producing picture perfect photographs depicting mouth watering dishes.

Although it is relatively easy to take a picture of a plate of food it is only with the skill of a Food Photographer that this same plate of food will come alive and the viewer can “almost smell the food ” To obtain this mouth watering effect the Food Photographer will use a variety of “effects” to capture a crisper and fresher salad, a juicier piece of meat or a more appetizing sauce.

Food shoots are often done in a photographic studio with a well equipped kitchen but a make-shift studio can be created on-scene, such as at your Hotel, Lodge or Restaurant and making use of your kitchen. Location food shoots, such as on a beach or in a forest, are possible but need more logistical planning.

See examples of ALP Food Photography



Crime Scene Investigation Photography is a specialty field of photography and requires special police clearance and an understanding of Crime Scene Investigation procedures. For the type of work that ALP is involved with we also need a good understanding of DNA and the contamination factors of a crime scene.

All crime scene photography and video work produced by ALP for the police is meticulously re-created with the use of actors, models and special effect dummies.

The Evidence Collection Kits we produce require packaging design, User Guide training material, training videos, posters and a product training website to be used by crime scene investigators as well as for doctors and pathologists who perform sexual assault evidence collection.

Much of the work we produce is confidential and may not be shown here.  See some unprotected images here




Graphic design is a very visual discipline and a great deal of graphic design makes use of photography.  Composition, content and layout of the pictures to be used in a design are very important for the success of a design to work. So the photographer needs to work very closely with the designer. It can be very advantageous (and cost effective) to merge Photography and Graphic Design into one roll.

See examples of ALP Design and Photography



Guest Houses Photography is not very different from Lodge or Hotel photography, but in our experience Guest House owners tend to have a photographer shoot their property less frequently than big Hotels or Lodges. So for the owner it is very important that a photographer can capture the mood and atmosphere in one shoot and easily use the pictures in all their marketing material such as brochures and website.

So we have created a gallery from one Guest House client of ours to show what can be achieved in one 3 day shoot.

See all the Guest House pictures



ALP has had the opportunity to photograph many of the best Lodges and Destinations in Southern Africa, including Thanda Private Game Lodge Main Camp and most recently Thanda Tented Camp, Sabi Sabi Earth Lodge, Singita Lebombo, Singita Ebony, Barra Lodge, Pomene Lodge, Flamingo Bay – Mozambique, Mala Mala, Desert & Delta, Kapama Private Game Reserve, Mashatu Game Lodge, Mount Anderson Lodge, Sun International, Concervation Corporation and Maropeng to name a few.

See examples of Lodge Photography



The photographic process is very similar to shooting Guest Houses and Lodges except that hotels are generally larger with more staff to work with, more guests to work around, function and conference room availability, foot traffic especially in reception and a general disruption by a photographic crew. ALP is very aware of this potential disruption to your business and guest privacy and will work with your management to create a schedule that works for us all.

See a few Hotel pictures by ALP



Real Estate Photography has a fairly similar style to Hotel and Lodge photography, but now we need to meet the needs of the Real Estate Agent. Agents sell properties by following a specific list they use to market the property: Location, home exterior, lounge, bedrooms, kitchen, entertainment and so on. The agent requires good quality pictures, prefer natural light, must show furniture and fitting, should show house layout and where possible, see the view through the windows.

 See examples of ALP Real Estate Photography



Industrial photography






Military photography





ALP’s shoot with models for a variety of media and publications. For content in brochures and user guides that ALP is commissioned to produce. Models used to represent guests in our Hotel and Lodge shoots. Models and actors to play the roll of victims, attackers and doctors in our forensic crime scene shoots and models used for a variety of beauty and fashion type pictures.

ALP finds that helping new models with their creative portfolio pictures, is beneficial as a way of staying in touch with up-and-coming modeling and acting talent.





See examples of some of ALP Model Shoots








Alastair has spent many years in the bush in Botswana and other areas in Southern Africa, shooting Wildlife Doccumentaries and his experience and expertise with the animals and being in the bush has enabled him to become a successful Wildlife Photographer.  The outdoors and bush, along with its wildlife is a passion of Alastair’s and he is very comfortable being in nature.




Often pictures taken Behind The Scenes of a photo shoot give a truer reflection of the working style of a photographer.