ALP has been conducting Photographic workshops for over 10 years.  Alastair brings his vast photographic knowledge and expertise to every aspiring photogarpher attending the workshops.  Our workshops are hands on and photographers attending the workshops benefit fully by being able to work with their own camera equipment and the models.

Workshops on offer include:


Our Beginners workshops are aimed at anyone who has got a camera and would like to learn about photography and how their camera works.  Anyone wanting to learn to take better photographs is welcome on this workshop.  It does not matter what kind of camera you have, the focus is on the principles of photography, as well as on how your camera works.  These workshops are held at Lory Park Zoo in Midrand so as to encourage the photographers on the course to photograph the animals at Lory Park.  This ensures  photographers can expand their skills making use of the wide variety of subject matter.


Our Studio Photographic workshop is designed to teach photographers attending the workshop about studio lighting, woking with a model, working in a studio environment, how and when to use camera settings.  Photographers attending this workshop will need a camera that can accommodate interchangeable lenses.   Our studio workshops cover portrait photography as  well as artistic photography with artistic nude work.


When attending the outdoor workshop, it is recommended that you know a little about your camera and the concept of photogrpahy.  Our Outdoor Photographic Workshops are geared towards learning to work with natural light when photographing outdoors, working with reflectors, scrims, using a light tent and natural light, as well as working with models and on occasion photographing wildlife, such as lions, tigers, leopards, cheetah, osselot as well as servals.

Outdoor workshop are kept small, so that everyone gets an opportunity to work with the models and or animals being utilised at the particular workshop.

Camera settings, lens choices, what is light doing, sun, shade, and so much more is covered in this workshop.  artistic nudes, wedding setups, fashion, portraits are also covered at our outdoor workshops.

This is a hands on – get up and take photos workshop.


We are delighted to be able to offer fantastic Wildlife photographic workshops, which are held in our garden in Midrand.  We have a special 400 square meter enclosure where the animals are placed, and the photographers join the animals within this enclosure.  Our Widlife Photographic Workshops are run and cover many of the same aspects a the outdoor photographic workshops, with the added extra knowledge being obtained of how to photograph wild animals in a natural environment, how to work with the animals with the added bonus of being able to get up close and personal with some amazing creatures which normally one cannot do.

The animals are usually quite young, once the animals start maturing and there is a possiblity of a danger aspect we no longer ustilise that particular animal.



Advanced Photo Workshops are for photographers who know their camera and wish to fine tune their skills.  Advanced workshops can cover Product Photography, Food Photography, Photographing that difficult item that you would just wish you knew how it was done workshop.

If you would like to receive regular emails detailing upcoming Workshop dates and times please send me your email address and I will place you on our database.